A team of engineers who specialize in medical billing designed the state of the art software for Preferred Billing Solutions. The software produces comprehensive, sophisticated data analysis and critical analysis of accounts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, allowing your practice to easily follow up on accounts receivable, maximizing claims reimbursement.

PhyGeneSys software, developed specifically for medical billing and Preferred Billing Solutions, is the benchmark billing software in the medical industry. It was created on the SQL 2008 platform in the Dot Net 4 environment, written in C#. These are the benchmark products for Microsoft for the next ten years, meaning the software will be leading the way through the medical industry’s migration into electronic claims filing. Preferred Medical Billing has a solid working relationship with PhyGeneSys, providing PBS with not only the latest features, but custom programming for clients.

The software includes work queues that allow the staff to focus on collections from guarantors and payments from insurance companies. The software system allows the staff to work much faster and effectively because the software constantly looks for what has not been paid, instead of manually searching for outstanding payments. The system includes fee scheduling that ensures the staff is collecting the correct amount for each and every procedure performed by the doctors, and flags any underpayments, providing the ability for immediate follow up. Because of the comprehensive nature of the software, PhyGeneSys eliminates orphaned records, ensuring you receive maximum compensation for every procedure performed.

Preferred Billing Solutions provides in depth interaction with all major insurance companies, utilizing electronic filing, to speed up the claims process.

In the near future, Preferred Billing Solutions will provide total electronic claims submission and billing information.